Monday, March 10, 2008

March fun

Busy week again. Taralyn won the Discovery Channel science fair for our region and goes on to state. Look at the pic at the bottom of the blog. Also Tyler finally talked his dad in letting him go hunting out in the yard. Pic at the bottom of the blog too. He's got the whole house smelling delicious with his jerky, hopefully there will be some for this weekend get together. There are a few small strips of exposed ground so the girls have been riding horses. Talei and Tyree have been playing horses in the house too with anybody that will be there owners. I remember playing Lion king with Tyler, kitty with Taralyn, puppy with tyrel, horses with Talei now and Tyree when he gets his way is a baby tiger. When he plays with Talei he says he's a nice Tiger that horses like . It is cute. Tyrel was home for a week with a sore throat very sick? I don't know but they are all made at school because he still has straight A's and the most points in his class. He says he is going to try to make being smart cool! Dave is picking up with work and did his taxes. We are glad last year is in the past. Go forward in faith for this year. Taralyn had New Beginning and did a great talk on the new theme - Mosiah 5:15 "Therefore I would that ye should be STEADFAST NAD IMMOVABLE ALWAYS ABOUNDING GOOD WORKS that Christ the lord God omnipotent, may seal you his, that you may have everlasting salvation and eternal life, through the wisdom and power and justice and mercy of him that created all things, in heaven, who is God above all. Good better BEST is what we have to pick from lately. We hope all of you will keep picking the BEST things so we can be Together Forever. The kids got the Easter stuff out so hopefully we still can have Green eggs and Ham too. (tradition)Grandma Jensen goes in for radiation wednesday so keep her in your prayers.Enjoy the pics.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Hi! We are back on the page - a new page but that's better than no page. We have so much fun watching everyone else's. Thought you might want another peek at the crazy Jensen house. The boys had some great motorbike trips last month. We got to see Mom&Dad at Grandma Rucker's. Taralyn and Christy have been playing Volleyball. The boys started wrestling. We've enjoyed the ski slopes course the boys say skiing's out and snowboards are in. However Taralyn and Christy make a great ski team. Talei turned 6 and had the ultimate birthday party. Dave and Christy snuck away for the ultimate Valentines Day. (5 days) The snow is melting - the mud is here!!!! All in all the month went way to fast! We are excited for some wrestling tourneyments, an Easter get together with the cousins and finish school so we can have some summer fun.